Under the guidance of the Kaien Island Enhancement and Recreation Trail Society, as well as the Coast Isle and McElhanney engineering firms, the shipyard is proposing to reroute the existing Rushbrook Trail to a higher elevation. By trading a parcel of land with the City and rerouting the end of the trail at a higher elevation, the following advantages could be achieved:

  • The trail would be built upon pristine untouched wilderness, as opposed to a path that routes directly through an M3 (Heavy Industrial) zoned area.
  • The proposed reroute at the end of the trail would be exponentially safer for both pedestrians and those working in the shipyard.
  • In accordance with the Trail Society’s vision and objectives, the trail would still connect with the rest of the proposed trail system, as well as the Seal Cove Slough currently under development by the Prince Rupert Port Authority. By eliminating the blind spot that currently exists between the Seal Cove Slough and Rushbrook Trail, even greater connectivity and safety would be achieved.
  • McLean’s West Coast Launch Shipyard would be willing to both finance and build the new trail at no additional monetary cost to the City of Prince Rupert.
  • By capitalizing on the parcel of land currently occupied by the trail, the shipyard could safely proceed with other proposed developments, greatly benefiting local fleets, business, economy and workforce, as well as opening a door for additional Canadian and International business.
  • With more space to improve on the existing ship ways, the shipyard could excel as environmental stewards by upgrading the existing catchment systems to further protect the harbour and local marine life.
  • The trail would be built at a gradual incline, with an opportunity for a viewpoint at a higher elevation that overlooks the harbour, a busy operational shipyard from a safe distance, and Tuck Inlet.